Anne M. Carpenter

Short Stack Six Pack 

Six of Anne M. Carpenter's fun and quick short stories in one great collection! 


The Mommy Letters

A missing girl.

A brokenhearted mom.

A family torn apart.

How will it all end?

Sarah Hartsford arrives home from work to find a letter signed by her daughter. The only problem is that Robin left with her father on a business trip eighteen months ago...and neither returned. Could this letter possibly be from six-year-old missing Robin?

Shawn Caraway, Sarah's ex-husband and their small town's police detective, is determined to unravel the mystery. He regrets losing Sarah so many years before and wants now to be her champion. To find the missing girl, however, he must grill his former wife about the disappearance of her new husband and their daughter. Sarah wants to cooperate, but her hope is speared with doubts and frustration. Haven't the police asked her enough questions? Will the answers to any of those questions bring her daughter home?

When the investigation leads to a place Sarah doesn't want to return, an unlikely foe emerges. As her anguished past begins to threaten her very future, Sarah braces herself for the fight of a lifetime.

(Full Novel)

Hidden Intent

A secluded heiress makes a devastating discovery in her Connecticut seaside home.  Suddenly, her husband's recent distance takes on a more sinister bite.  Will his hidden intent destroy her future, or is revenge on the plate?  (Short Story)

Take a Peek

Angela was born with the same sense of curiosity that's killed many a cat. Every year, hubby Mark tries to surprise her with a carefully-selected present in an even more carefully-selected hiding spot. And every year, Ang ferrets out her gift prematurely to sneak a look behind the wrappings. This year, Mark makes her promise not to snoop before leaving on a business trip. With the suspense of an undiscovered package killing her, Angela decides to take a peek...and what she finds is far more than she bargained for! (Short Story)

A Strange Place

The night after their husbands deploy, thirteen Army wives leave post, desperate to let off steam at a bar in town.  A starry night, a desolate road, a depraved abrupt end to the long ride home. (Short Story)

As The Witch Turns

Imagine...Glenda the Good Witch meets Wanda Sykes. 

Soap Opera Setting.
Attitude Extreme. 

It could only be...


(Short Story)

Dream Scream

 A youth uprising against a corrupt government brings revolution to the streets of America. In Chicago, Theresa has adjusted to the new reality of curfews and rations, but now a terrifying recurring dream warns of a new threat. Filled with foreboding, she struggles for normalcy. Is her subconscious contriving this murky threat or prophesizing a stunning collision? (Short Story)

Friendly Fire

Mated in love and war, Rachel and Stephen have been together for five years. In today's arena, a tactical mistake leaves Rachel cut off from her team. Can Stephen's strategy save the battlefield engagement or will Rachel fall victim to friendly fire? (Short Story)

All About Women Short Story Collection

Dream Scream, As The Witch Turns, and A Strange Place - Three of Anne M. Carpenter's fun and quick short stories in one great collection!


Love, Hate & Matrimony Short Story Collection

Hidden Intent, Take a Peek, and Friendly Fire - More of Anne M. Carpenter's fun and quick short stories in one great collection!