Featured Author - Gary Fredericksen

The dream of a better life, the deep and abiding love of family and the search for religious freedom are important for many immigrant families. This is the story of Frederik Frederiksen, who, while finishing his service in the Danish Army, meets a young girl caring for another family’s children in beautiful Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. Three weeks after their marriage Frederik and his bride, Anna Christine Hansine Christiansen Frederiksen, set forth for the new world. 

They chose Richfield, Utah as their destination to check on her grandparents who have emigrated there searching for religious freedom. Later they will homestead in southeastern Idaho. From København to Kilgore – One Family’s Journey Into America documents their success, challenges and heartbreak as they build their life. Diaries, letters, photographs, deeds, homestead applications, census records, family stories and more are all used to build this fascinating story.  Available in Kindle ebook and print.

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