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Advent Meditations (Liturgical Year B)

"Watch therefore, and pray continually, that ye may be counted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and that ye may stand before the son of man." (Luke 21:36, ASV) 

The world is constantly changing around us, but we, as humans, still face so many of the same travails as did our long ago ancestors: jealousy and insecurity, inner strife and outward war, the building up of false idols and narrow-minded beliefs, and the stickiest of all issues – our own imperfect-yet-striving human nature. Amazon best-selling devotional author Mark Fredericksen offers his latest meditation book for the 2014 Advent season with Advent Meditations (Liturgical Year B). With bible verses based on the Roman Catholic Daily Lectionary, this devotional is intended for all readers of faith who wish to deepen their spiritual relationship with God. Advent is a season of hope and expectation, and with daily Bible verses, a thoughtful meditation, journal questions, and a quiet prayer, the daily devotions encourage quiet time with God. The entries can offer an enlightening anchor on a busy day or longer meditative reflection for larger group study.

Message from Dr. Mark: Advent is a time of waiting and planning, hoping and praying, anticipation and joy. Let us not forget, during the season that is upon us, that the birth of the Christ child cannot be celebrated in a vacuum. Rather, we are called to ponder, carefully, how this Divine birth fits into the entire realm of God-belief and Spirit-led faith. As you work through the twenty-six days of this year's Advent meditations, I urge you to think strongly about how the ancient Bible verses fit within today's society. We may be two thousand years removed from the birth of our Savior, but the poignant simplicity of the prophesies before Him and teachings from Him can still guide us through all the times of our lives. ACT like someone God is blessing every day (because you are!) and keep straining, keep leaning forward, even into the gale storm, because what is unpredictably ahead that you can't see is a far better prize than is the one you're carrying by looking backward. 

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