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Natural Medicine Primer:  Mood & Stress

STRESS: a short, unassuming word used to describe an emotional state that is impacting your physical and mental functioning. 

Yet the reality for many people can’t be expressed in a simple six-letter word. Ongoing stress and mood issues can cause changed eating habits, cravings for sugar or salt, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, foggy thinking, short temper, and constant agitation. 

This Natural Medicine Primer focuses on common health problems related to stress issues. Dr. Mark walks you through a simple explanation of how your body handles stress and then addresses the most common health issues including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder, and attention deficit disorder. 

If you are seeking a more balanced approach to your everyday life and want natural solutions that will help stabilize your physical and mental health, this book was designed with you in mind and includes suggestions for herbal, nutritional, and exercise remedies. 

**This information is for ordinary people with daily stressful issues, the kind almost every family has going on to some degree. Many of the other mood-related disorders like bipolar, schizophrenia, borderline personalities, etc. are not tackled in this book. Further, this is not a resource for extreme situations and should not be used to aid a clinically depressed or suicidal person. Seek medical attention immediately. 

The Physical Strain of Stress 
Anxiety & Panic Attacks 
Symptomatic Aids 
Adrenal Support 
Medical Evaluation 
Herbal/Nutritional Medicine 
Postpartum Depression 
Seasonal Affective Disorder 
Attention Deficit Disorder 
Chemical/Toxin Exposure 
Other Support 
Final Thoughts 


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