Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Your Valentine's Day Books

Whether sunny or cloudy outside your window, now is the time to find a few good reads to enjoy for the remainder of the month and we have them. 

Lent begins early this year and we have two offerings.  Mark Fredericksen's best selling Lent Meditations has been revised from last year's version.  If you need a devotional to walk you through the days of Lent, this is the one for you. 

Each day contains a bible verse, a meditation and a prayer.  Take fifteen minutes from your day to breathe and reflect. 

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The second offering is a compilation of Mark's Lenten Meditations with his Psalms Meditations.  If you'd like to continue the daily meditation habit after Lent, this is the book you need.

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If you are tackling health issues, Dr. Mark has another book you should consider adding to your reading list.  A great deal of mystery surrounds the female body – cramps here, lumps there, an itch, an ouch and cyclical patterns that seem to make no sense. Women are the primary users of healthcare services, but may avoid asking embarrassing questions…even if the answers could lead to simple solutions. Use this natural health primer from Dr. Mark to learn more about women-centric issues from puberty to menopause and discover natural ways to address hormonal issues and achieve better health.

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If fiction is your wish for the month, we have a couple Anne M. Carpenter shorts and two Patti Ann Colt romances for your reading pleasure.

 A secluded heiress makes a devastating discovery in her Connecticut seaside home.  Suddenly, her husband's recent distance takes on a more sinister bite.  Will his hidden intent destroy her future, or is revenge on the plate?

Angela was born with the same sense of curiosity that's killed many a cat. Every year, hubby Mark tries to surprise her with a carefully-selected present in an even more carefully-selected hiding spot. And every year, Ang ferrets out her gift prematurely to sneak a look behind the wrappings. This year, Mark makes her promise not to snoop before leaving on a business trip. With the suspense of an undiscovered package killing her, Angela decides to take a peek...and what she finds is far more than she bargained for!


This is Book # 1 in Patti Ann Colt's Copper Canyon series.  This short novella is a great intro to Copper Canyon.  Better still, Jess and Amy Rose's story continues in Cowboy's Sweetheart below.  

JESS O'HARE has loved Amy Rose Adams since high school. He may be a successful rancher in Copper Canyon, Texas, but a shiny new truck and a new cowboy hat doesn't change the dirt under his nails. Standing in the way between him and his sweetheart are her wealthy, overbearing parents. Their dictatorial expectations lay a path for their daughter that leads away from him to the family law firm in Dallas.

Law graduate AMY ROSE ADAMS has followed her parents' mandates her entire life. Only with Jess, and in Copper Canyon, can she be herself. But for three years, she's been taking the path of least resistance to hold the balance between her parents and Jess. When a fight with Jess leads to an ultimatum - his road or her father's - it echoes a similar fight with her parents. The best choice for her future is severing her relationship with her parents. But how will she make that step if she can't tell the man she loves that she's carrying their baby? 
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This full novel is Book #2 in the Copper Canyon, Texas series.
Professional pastry chef Kendra Dawson struggles to rebuild in Copper Canyon, Texas after her father is arrested for embezzling millions of dollars. But moving to horse country proves difficult. Memories surface of a bad car accident from high school when she killed a horse—and her best friend. While out jogging, she is nearly trampled by a horse. In her panic, she runs from her rescuer, a dark-haired fireman. He pursues her, but with her trust level at an all-time low, she keeps Shane O'Hare at arm’s length, desperate to ignore the fierce attraction. One touch from him and she’ll melt like the top of crème brûlée.

Bareback bronc rider Shane O’Hare quits rodeo after a devastating accident injures a friend. Two years later and now a fireman, Shane is smitten with Kendra on first sight. Struggling with his role in crippling his friend, Shane hides his cowboy roots from the skittish beauty. He allows one lie to lead to another to avoid scaring off his sweetheart. Content to be her jogging partner and taste-tester, Shane is elated yet conflicted when their relationship intensifies in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

But when Kendra finds out he lied, Shane must make peace with his past and find a way to reveal his truth without being judged another dishonest man like her father.

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